Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 survey

The longest enduring model in sneaker history marches on.

What is the secret to it’s longevity? Maybe the answer is that the Pegasus is the ultimate do-it-all shoe and middle ground in every way. Price, tech and performance wise it will serve the broadest range of runners from beginners to marathoners. The tried and true recipe clearly still works.

Number 36 brings small changes in the upper around top with thinner tongue and heel area. Outsole and midsole are exactly the same. It would be hard to distinguish it from the last years model if not for the “oversized” Swoosh that vanishes into the midsole.

So, if you liked the 35 and can still get them, you might just skip this one. Or, pick one member of the expanding Pegasus family that now contains, besides elder Pegasus, older son racey Turbo 2, wild young Trail and easy going cousin Flyease.

The final evidence that the Pegasus is Nike’s go-to shoe is that there is also a whole line of specific colourways of US universities and NFL teams.

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Images via Nike